Lion badree art and magic

 Suhel Ezidgan known as lion badree born in Kurdistan Iraq grow up in Germany he is Yazidin Origin 

studied  psychology and  philosophy in US  and England  from 2002 till  up. 2008 
did a Lots of Show almost all countries in Eu and around the world up to 2019

Today Lion welcomes you just two steps from historical spot in the middle of Berlin - Nikolaikirche and Berliner Stadtstempel. He invites you to explore

Ordinary Magic


Hear you will find:


- regular magic shows,
- Magic2go - magic-art shop,
- seminars and work-shops,
- teams and family events...




or visit him on Poststraße 25, 10178 Berlin (opposite to Nikolaikirche)


Staying for years in illusion is not just playful walk through harmless decorations. Earlier or later you start feeling completely lost in life without a little chance to find your piece. You are disappointed with fading material goals, which you were trying to catch up. In the end you are overwhelmed with multiple problem of other people and suffer from existential questions, which are stealing your smile and paralise your dreams… Good news is that there is a way to step out. Out of illusion. If you are seeking for clarity, looking for direction and deeper purpose in life, aim to support your mental health. Lion is exactly one, who possess unique power to listen, to sense, to comprehend and to light up your way to exit. Out of illusion. He offers you private sessions  to answer your questions and find your individual way through the life challenges. Magic is closer than you think. 

 We offer you payment options of: trial sessions 80 euro/hour OR monthly package 180 euro/ 2 hours OR Monthly package 350 euro/ 4 (350). Please, send you request per e-mail


 You cash payment will be processed via the same PayPal account. 

 This was question about what’s my spiritual guide And how can you gain something from? After longe experience about soul and the mind study as I have been up and down in my life After been doing many mind magic show around the world Im using certain power which I will ask During the session we have together many things as Engie we cant understand them Unless we go through them. in this world The energy I’m using will direct things through for example You know you can do more but some reason you cannot do it. Or something is bothering you all in your life but you don't know what that is. Family lost depression Ange worries about future or about past or Death live Or anything which just don't make sense to you or some case’s has Nothing to do with this world with power I’m using I can see it And give you the clarity you made be stock unconsciously in certain things you don’t know   there you Many things you are not aware about yourself it’s on you mind unconsciously through my magic power we going to find it And you gehts more clarity about you self The questions or directions of the process guide the person to inspect a certain part of his existence. What is found will naturally vary from person to person, since everyone’s experiences are different. Regardless of experience or background, however, the individual is assisted in locating not only areas of spiritual upset or difficulty in his life, but in locating the source of the upset. By doing this, any person is able to free himself of unwanted barriers that inhibit, stop or blunt his natural abilities and increase these abilities so that he becomes brighter and more spiritually able.lion badree


philosophy magic lion 
We donnt know what is real.everything is an illusion.this document.the world,you,all illusions.any uncovered reality is not real either.behind the certain is the next certain and behind illusions is just another deeper when you just never can tell,why discovering what’s real ?why all the work?
Walking any path is a nice play or at best a great joke .if this makes you sit at home believing nothing really matters,the illusion tricked you.wouldn’t be more fun unraveling the great illusion?do not focus on the discovery.enjoy the journey.enjoy how impossible,how foolish and full of flaws hoping to find it is. Luckily all weaknesses,futility and imperfections are illusion might not be real,but it’s great fun : )

+++Are all of us traumatized?+++ Well, thank god a new and profoundly important paradigm for understanding overwhelming emotional pain has arisen over the past few years, with the potential to change the way we look at trauma. Magic is happening as we all wake up to the collective impact trauma has on and in our lives. And seriously, I would prefer to live in a society where trauma is over-estimated than in a society where trauma is denied. For those who feel blocked or hijacked by their conditioning, and want to move into a deeper story of how to live and to step out of never-ending pain loops, the Primal retreat offers an incredibly growth-enhancing journey into a brighter and trauma-informed future. Enroll here: "Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives. It shapes the way we live, the way we love, and the way we make sense of the world." Lion badree


Auf Deutsch  HEART OF HOLLYWOOD MAGAZIN JULI - SEPT.  2021 KUNST, MAGIE UND PHILOSOPHIE  Lion Badree hilft Menschen, sich bequem von zu Hause aus mit dem Universum zu verbinden Haben Sie sich jemals gefragt, wie ein echter Magier hinter der Bühne aussieht, nicht wenn er vor Hunderten von Menschen steht, die seine Leistung bestaunen?  Dann wird dich diese Geschichte interessieren.  Lion Badre, der Psychologie und Philosophie studiert hat, ist auch ein professioneller Magier, ein Illusionist, der versucht, durch Überraschungsmomente, Lachen und Faszination die positivsten Gefühle in den Menschen zu wecken. Lion bietet eine einzigartige Show.  Durch Livestreaming verbindet er die Menschen nicht nur mit ihm, sondern auch mit sich selbst und mit dem Universum.  Das ist eine Show der anderen Art, und das nicht nur, weil sie von zu Hause aus genossen werden kann.  Die Zuschauer werden eine wundervolle Zeit haben und eine neue Perspektive auf Energie und das Universum entdecken. „Meine Magic Philosophie Show führt Menschen in die Welt des Unbekannten.  Ich versuche, ihnen eine einzigartige Denkweise zu zeigen, die wiederum die Leute dazu bringt, über sich selbst nachzudenken. ves, ihr Leben und wer sie wirklich sind, und nicht das, was ihnen erzählt wurde.  Mit meiner Show helfe ich Menschen“, sagt Lion. Für viele kann es schwierig sein, an Energie und an die Kraft der Spiritualität zu glauben, aber für Lion sind dies sehr wichtige Themen, die er auf unterhaltsame und unterhaltsame Weise mit den Menschen teilen möchte. Lion gründet seine Überzeugungen auf Elektrizität und Magnetismus, die in unserem Leben jederzeit präsent sind.  Mit Hilfe dieser starken Energien, so heißt es in seiner Show, kann die Seele gestärkt werden. „Es ist sehr wichtig, die Seele stark zu machen.  Alles ist Elektrizität und Magnetismus;  alles ist nur eine illusion.  Die Realität liegt auf der spirituellen Ebene.  In meiner Philosophie-Zaubershow entführe ich Menschen in eine andere Welt, die sie glücklich macht.  Es macht mir Spaß, ihre Reaktion zu sehen“, erklärt Lion. Zweifellos ist die Show des Zauberers eine hervorragende Sehoption, gerade jetzt, wo Streaming-Inhalte Einzug halten und das Publikum nach neuen Konzepten dürstet, um es auf seinen Bildschirmen zu genießen.  Die Lion Badree

 Let me tell you Phenomenalism also part of the illusions : Everyone is interested in knowing as to what happens to things when we aren’t looking at them. Phenomenalism has a simple answer — they disappear. Well, only because objects only exist as a phenomenon of consciousness. Quantum mechanics seem to favor phenomenalism. Quantum mechanics states that particles do not assume a specific velocity or position until they are observed. This strange behavior of matter particles would correspond with phenomenalism, since things would not exist in a definite form until observed. So, there is no existence without perception. The physical world exists only as sensory data in the perception of minds, and not as a substance or a thing in itself. Mind-blowing! We don’t know if and when these theories will be proved or disapproved conclusively. To be cont.… Lion badree

5 way  may help you gehts out of the illusion 

  1. Consider these five strategies for breaking free from the illusion of time.

Also People asking me how to deal with illousion lion badree 30 may 2021 How to see through the illusion well I can tell that well work How to Step Back and See the Mirror of Reality. Resolve any desire to escape (not return to) this world. Learn to allow All That You Are through loving yourself. See beyond what you have known yourself to be. Stepping back from the mirror. Understanding how fear blinds you to your wider self.

The  Time is an illusion — Eternalism: From philosophersv to physicists, the nature of time has always inspired curiosity. The concept of time is simply an illusion made up of human memories, everything that has ever been and ever will be is happening right now. To answer the differences among the present, the past and the future, There are three competing theories. Presentists argue that only the present objects and present experiences are real, and we recognize this in the special vividness of our present experience. However, according to the growing-past theory, the past and present are both real, but the future is not real. The third theory is that there are no physical or objective differences among present, past, and future because the differences are merely subjective and come from us. This third theory is often called “Eternalism.” 

People asking me The past and future do not exist and are only concepts used to describe the real, isolated, and changing present. This conventional model presents a number of difficult philosophical problems, and seems difficult to reconcile with currently accepted scientific theories such as the theory of relativity.