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 Staying for years in illusion is not just playful walk through harmless decorations. Earlier or later you start feeling completely lost in life without a little chance to find your piece. You are disappointed with fading material goals, which you were trying to catch up. In the end you are overwhelmed with multiple problem of other people and suffer from existential questions, which are stealing your smile and paralise your dreams… Good news is that there is a way to step out. Out of illusion. If you are seeking for clarity, looking for direction and deeper purpose in life, aim to support your mental health. Lion is exactly one, who possess unique power to listen, to sense, to comprehend and to light up your way to exit. Out of illusion. He offers you private sessions  to answer your questions and find your individual way through the life challenges. Magic is closer than you think. We offer you payment options of: trial sessions 80 euro/hour OR monthly package 180 euro/ 2 hours OR Monthly package 350 euro/ 4 (350). Please, send you request per e-mail You cash payment will be processed via the same PayPal account. 


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